Monthly Archives: October 2007

Sneak Preview: Trojan Information Library

We’ve started working on our new Trojan Information Library, and there are already a few sample entries online. Read about how to remove some of the most common trojans manually, and get additional technical insight into how the trojans work. We’re also adding aliases so you can cross-reference the trojan names with those from other virus and malware scanners.


Another wave of Zhelatin spam

Another new variant of Worm.Zhelatin is currently being spammed by infected hosts. The new variants use the filenames SuperLaugh.exe and ArcadeWorldGame.exe. The latest trick the controller of this worm has up his sleeve is making the landing page simulate a “free games download” site to get users to install the trojan. We’ve added generic detection for these latest variants to our trojan remover. As always, never run program files attached to emails, or linked to in sites from unknown emails.